Finance Analytics

Necto Telecom offers a comprehensive set of business modules. Each business module provides a complete, ready-made solution for a specific domain, including out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and analytics, tailored for perfecting the business processes in that domain. In addition, we developed cross-domain business modules, such as ‘Lead to Cash’, ‘Ticket to Resolution’ and others. Our ready-made Necto Telecom Business Modules help our customers increase ARPU and LTV, optimize OPEX and CAPEX, provide better service and improve profitability in a short time.

These are some of the business processes that we optimize in the Finance Module





Watch the video to learn about our analytics on key cross-domain business processes.

Challenges and Benefits of Deployment in the Finance Department

Necto Telecom for the Finance Department Aimed at Revenue Assurance:

  • Executive owner: Chief Financial Officer
  • Use cases:
    • Data Quality – Billing System vs. CRM Reconciliation
    • Control Performance – Invoices vs. Billing Reconciliation
    • Revenue Assurance
    • Top Products Report
    • Top Customers Report
    • Bill Validation
    • Inactive Subscriber Usage
  • Challenges, prior to deploying Necto:Accounting and business practices require revenue assurance procedures to verify the accuracy of reported revenues, unfulfilled orders, inventory, balance, account receivables, etc.
    • There is also a need for bill validation to guarantee there is no ‘revenue leakage’ or over-charge.
    • Other forms of ‘revenue leakage’ include usage by inactive subscribers, consumption of bandwidth that exceeds the plan, etc.
    • All these tasks require reconciliation and correlation of data from multiple separate systems – finance systems, ERP, CRM, network, etc. While this can be done manually in special cases (for example, when a customer complains about over-charges), it is impracticalto perform this task, manually, across all customers and products.
    • Therefore, an automated solution is a must-have. Such solutions must integrate data from multiple data sources, examining correlation and differences between the different data sets and providing sanitized, accurate and always updated dashboards and reports.
  • Benefits of using Necto Telecom:
    • In the process of implementing Necto Telecom for these use cases, data models were developed to automatically acquire, map, and organize the data from all relevant systems (finance systems, ERP, CRM, network etc.). This enables automation of the process.
    • Dashboards were developed inNecto Telecom to address all the use cases described above. Once this was completed, information became available to all key stakeholders on a timely basis and in an intuitive way.
    • Furthermore, Necto Telecom’s analytics capabilities, specially the ability to use built-in formulas, were used for reconciliation of data from multiplesources.
    • The Carrier can now view, drill-through and download ready-made reports that are required for accounting and financial reporting purposes. These reports are only a click away. Even the financial auditors of the Carrier are using these reports.
    • Necto Telecom helps the Carrier to automatically detect and minimize ‘revenue leakage’, hence, contributing to the financial results of the company, at no extra cost.
    • By minimizing over-charge, the Carrier saves money andresources that otherwise would have been spent by its customer service and finance team to deal with customer complaints.
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