an Innovative, Robust and Field-Proven Embedded Analytics Software for OEMs

Necto – an Enterprise BI Software and a Field-Proven Embedded Analytics for OEMs

Panorama’s flagship BI product, Necto, streamlines business and operations for hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide. Necto also serves as an embedded analytics engine, powering mission-critical solutions for OEMs globally.

Necto brings together the best of insight finding, self-service analytics, customizable visualization, user productivity and enterprise-grade BI:

Necto is Ideal for Embedded Analytics,
Panorama Offers Flexible Commercial & Support Schemes for OEMs

Necto is widely used by OEMs worldwide for embedded analytics in mission-critical applications which include:

real-time optimization and analytics of 911 call centers; healthcare analytics in hospitals & medical centers; pricing decision-support system for telecom operators; retail analytics; self-service analytics offered by banks to their customers; and more.

OEM partners enjoy Necto’s advantages as well as Panorama’s flexible commercial and support schemes:

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