Analytics to Optimize Your Business Processes

Necto Telecom is successfully deployed in multiple telecom carriers worldwide. Here are some interesting use cases:

Global Ordering and Service Assurance Analytics

Identified stuck orders which were taking too long to deliver and close; and meet SLA per customer and decrease issues by 20%.

Revenue Assurance, Service and Fault Analysis and Call Center Improvement

Identify revenue leakage, in access of 3% of total revenue; prevent fraud and “not paid” activated services in access of 1% of total revenue, reduce manual work of dozens of analysts.

Reporting and Analytics for Full MVNO Operations

Achieved a 360 view of each customer, enhanced segmentation for focused marketing campaigns and increased conversions by 15%.

Analytics to Optimize “Lead-to-Cash” Process

Expedites the time of new customers to start generating revenue by 15% and increased revenue from new customers by 8%.

Enterprise B2B Service Analytics

Streamlining all departmental analytics in areas such as: Change Management, Problem Management, Emergency Changes, Incidents, Audits, GPS, Voice, etc.

Analytics on Customer Sales and Billing

Tracking accurate KPIs such as ARPU, activations, disconnects, etc., finding new cross/up-sells, and solving significant bottlenecks in data handling.

Retail Sales Analysis

Resulting in an increased “in-store” customer spending by 8% and increased stock turnover in 20%.