Internet: Not Just on Your Desktop Anymore…

Every day, more and more of what we used to consider simple, everyday objects are becoming quite the opposite. What started as computers and tablets has turned into ovens you can control from your phone and watches that can warn you of a potential heart condition based on your heart rate.

In fact, it’s getting difficult to find something that can’t be connected to the internet. The internet of things (IoT) revolution is here and growing—and why not? These everyday objects use advanced technology to make our lives easier and will continue to do so.

What does it mean for telecommunications, though, when refrigerators and baby monitors—and so many other objects and devices! —are sending and receiving messages and images all day long?

In the IoT revolution, consumer demand and use of telecommunication infrastructure will increase, presenting telecom companies with more challenges to tackle, but also more industries to advance into and opportunities to grow. Understanding what trends are working, and why, is crucial for moving forward and getting ahead. Advanced analytics is the key to that. The growth of the internet of things means more usage—and, with that, more data to monetize.

With technology changing by the second, telecommunications companies need to stay on top of their game and enable other industries to join the IoT Revolution. Telecom-focused analytics platforms and solutions, like Panorama Necto, provide clarity in the often overwhelming plethora of information and insights to unlock new business opportunities. With advanced analytics, telecoms can monetize their IoT data, discover new revenue streams, capitalize on infrastructure, reduce costs by making smart networks, provide tailored consumer apps, and create unique customer experiences to reduce churn. As CSPs become DSPs they can use Necto to feed their own IoT solutions with AI data analytics.

The IoT revolution is just beginning to rear its head, and we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg of where the internet can go and how the sheer volume of data we both generate and use can grow. Learning from the data with smarter analytics is the only way for telecom companies to anticipate what’s coming and stay competitive in this fast-moving environment.

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