Cross-Domain Process Analytics

After investigating the challenges that communications service providers are facing, and identifying the best-practice approaches for addressing them, we mapped the key business processes and information which are involved in the process. Based on that, we developed a comprehensive set of Necto Telecom Business Modules. Each Business Module provides a complete, ready-made solution for a specific domain, including out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and analytics, tailored for perfecting the business processes in that domain. In addition, we developed cross-domain business modules, such as ‘Lead to Cash’, ‘Ticket to Resolution’ and others. Our ready-made Necto Telecom Business Modules help our customers increase ARPU and LTV, optimize OPEX and CAPEX, provide better service and improve profitability in a short time.


Watch the video to learn about our analytics on key cross-domain business processes, such as Lead to Cash Optimization, Concept to Market Acceleration, Problem to Resolution Analytics, and Customer Lifetime Value Improvement.

concept to market acceleration

Customer: Tier 1 Operator in Europe

  • Quick introduction of new services and packages
  • Expedite the time by which new products start generating revenues
  • Analyze “early life” behavior and it’s influence on LTV
  • Benefits:
  1. Reduce time to market by 50%
  2. Accelerate release of new products to days instead of months
  3. Release profitable product and abandon others quickly


Customer: Tier 1 Operator in USA

  • Analytics on the complete “Lead-To-Cash process”
  • Insights on marketing campaigns, through sales & call center, orders, usage, billing, and finally, collection.
  • Benefits:
  1. Expedited the time of new customers start generating revenues by 15%
  2. Found and solved significant bottlenecks in the Lead-to-cash process; resulted in 8% increased revenue from new customers
  3. Graphical visualization of the holistic funnel allows immediate collaboration on issues and opportunities


Customer: Tier 2 Operator in Europe

  • Provide holistic view of the complete “Problem to Resolution” analytics
  • Identify problems before they occur by monitoring subscribers’ issues and proactively offer solutions
  • Benefits:
  1. Reduce the time it takes to reach resolutions for clients
  2. Increase 1st time resolution by 15%
  3. Reduce repeat calls by 20%
  4. Increase customer satisfaction & NPS score
  5. Provide proactive care to key customers


Customer: Tier 1 Operator in Spain & Latin America

  • Analyze OSS/BSS data to create best & timely offers/plans for customers, reduce operational problems, & solve problems quickly
  • Increase customer satisfaction, increase LTV and reduce churn
  • Benefits:
  1. Increase consumption of multiple play packages by 30%
  2. Increase 2nd top-up, and shorten time for top-ups
  3. Increase LTV by 15%
  4. Decrease churn by 4%