Network Analytics

Necto Telecom offers a comprehensive set of business modules. Each business module provides a complete, ready-made solution for a specific domain, including out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and analytics, tailored for perfecting the business processes in that domain. In addition, we developed cross-domain business modules, such as ‘Lead to Cash’, ‘Ticket to Resolution’ and others. Our ready-made Necto Telecom Business Modules help our customers increase ARPU and LTV, optimize OPEX and CAPEX, provide better service and improve profitability in a short time.


These are some of the business processes that we optimize in the Network Module








Watch the video to learn about our analytics on key cross-domain business processes.

Necto Telecom for the Operations Department:

    • Executive owner: Chief Operating Officer
    • Use cases:
      • Service Management
      • Service Assurance
      • Product Orders
      • Fault Orders
      • Technician/Field Services Orders
      • Inventory Optimization
    • Challenges,prior to deploying Necto Telecom:
      • Carriers are in constant race to speed-up product delivery and service provisioning, while reducing the cost associated with the delivery.
      • Fault Orderstypically cause multiple problems: delay revenue generation, negatively impact reputation and relationship, cost more and require more attention to resolve.
      • Orders and Services Management require hands-on attention with intra-day activity and monitoring.
      • Most of the data is not available to mid-level managers and to executives. Some reports are being prepared on a weekly basis from the week before, so they are never real-time, they cannot explain the root cause for problems and do not provide analysis over time.
    • Benefits of using Necto Telecom:
      • In the process of implementing Necto Telecom, all the information relevant for Service and Order Management was identified and modeled. Dashboards were developed in Necto Telecom to address all the use cases described above. Once this was completed, information became available to all key stakeholders on a timely basis and in an intuitive way.
      • The Carrier can now monitor and improve the time required forproduct delivery and service provisioning. They can identify which products and services take more time to set-up and improve the provisioning process (or price it better…). The Carrier can track changes over time, anticipate peak seasons that would require more people to meet the SLA, and reduce the workforce ahead of low demand period.
      • Necto Telecom’s Alerts and Notifications allow users to be on top of issues, as soon as they are recorded in the system. This is especially useful in the case of Fault Orders, where a quick action is required.

    Once alerted, the managers can use Necto Telecom to investigate in near-real-time who are the people involved in the Fault Order and act on it. Such information is not possible if analyzed once a week in a ‘post-mortem mode’.

Optimize your business processes with actionable insights.