Sales Analytics

Necto Telecom offers a comprehensive set of business modules. Each business module provides a complete, ready-made solution for a specific domain, including out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and analytics, tailored for perfecting the business processes in that domain. In addition, we developed cross-domain business modules, such as ‘Lead to Cash’, ‘Ticket to Resolution’ and others. Our ready-made Necto Telecom Business Modules help our customers increase ARPU and LTV, optimize OPEX and CAPEX, provide better service and improve profitability in a short time.

These are some of the business processes that we optimize in the Sales Analytics Module





Watch the video to learn about our analytics on key cross-domain business processes.

Challenges and Benefits of Deployment in the Commercial Department

Necto Telecom for the Commercial Department:

    • Executive owner: Chief Commercial Officer
    • Use cases:
      • Executive Level Sales Management
      • Sales Channel (Direct, Wholesale, Retail) Performance Management
      • OTT Analytics and Optimization
      • Sales Team Performance Management
      • Key Accounts Management – Revenues, Payments, etc.
      • Revenues per ProductLine, per Product, per Partners
      • Base Station Revenues, Unused Network Capacity
    • Challenges, prior to deploying Necto Telecom:
      • The amount of data in the Commercial Department is huge. It is coming from multiple sources. It cannot be easily attributed to the relevant sales person, the right channel partner or the correct product. Therefore, aggregatingthe data and creating a meaningful report is a tedious task. Furthermore, this task is usually done manually, over-and-over again, every time such a report is needed. Significant resources are being wasted on feeding the data into Excel files and preparing ad-hoc reports. This process is also exposed to human-errors and takes time to complete.
      • Monthly results and progress should be compared with the monthly targets from the annual plan as well as the then updated monthly targets. Such targets are set separately, usually in Excel files, and are not automatically accessible.
      • All KPIs should be measured and presented in comparison to previous periods (for example – previous month/quarter, same month/quarter last year, etc.). Again, such visual presentation requires significant manual work to prepare.
      • The sales team wishes to have tools that would allow them to do a better job in forecasting booking and revenues.
      • Sales executives wish to identify areas of the mobile network with excess capacity, to direct marketing and sales efforts accordingly.
    • Benefits of using Necto Telecom:
      • Like with other departments, also here the automation ofthe data collection, analytics and presentation is a major contributor. It saves time and efforts and it makes the relevant data accessible in real-time. This enables much better business performance while reducing cost.

    Necto Telecom’s Exception finding engine, works through all layers of data and identifies KPIs that are deviate from the desired results. Upon finding such exceptions, Necto sends an alert to the relevant people prompting them to act on the findings. This helps the sales executive to identify problems that are ‘beneath the surface’ and that are usually not visible through the high-level reports and graphs. The alerts prompt users to act on problems as soon as they are identified, rather than after the next report cycle. The ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment is critical for the organization.

Optimize your business processes with actionable insights.