The Crystal Ball in Telecom

Join the AI revolution to stay ahead of competition

Data floods our everyday—tons and tons of it, so that we often have more numbers than answers and more information than we know what to do with. With so much data, and without the necessary tools to analyze and use it to make decisions, companies risk missing out on critical opportunities to better their practices, engage and maintain valued employees, and capture and earn the loyalty of customers.

Analytics platforms have traditionally focused on reporting what happened, and, in some cases, providing indicators of why it happened, but increasing competition in the telecom industry is demanding even more action from businesses looking to get ahead of the game.

Unlike these analytics tools, Panorama’s Necto arms companies with both predictive and prescriptive analytics generated using sophisticated AI, a game changer for strategic decision-making.

Predictive analytics applies machine learning and AI to significant amounts of business and customer data and offers an unprecedented picture of future business needs, including consumer behavior, as well as a look at how they will interact with your company in the future. By using deep learning technologies to identify patterns in the data, Panorama can give unparalleled insight into what will happen next.

Prescriptive analytics takes it one step (or ten!) further. Building upon the predictive analytics, Panorama can tie the predictions to actionable recommendations regarding how to prepare for those future occurrences and how to proceed. Armed with these, telecom companies can optimize their business models to predict and prevent customer churn, instead of having to react and work backwards. Likewise, Necto’s predictive analytics uniquely positions telecoms to identify their Next Best Offer and Next Best Action.

With the help of predictive and prescriptive analytics, companies in the cutthroat telecom industry can use historic data to predict future outcomes and take preventative measures to reduce churn and stay competitive. Who says crystal balls don’t exist or work?

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