Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry Helps Marketers Rebrand

Data analytics in the telecom industry isnt just for the number-crunchers. The marketing department, too, can use the insights gained through analytics to recreate the companys brand. A new face, a new look new way to do businesswont fly without effective marketing.

Creatives in Marketing Need User-Friendly Analytics

Yet which new face should a telecom company choose for its new brand image? That is where data analytics in the telecom industry comes into play. Since marketers are usually creatives whose strength lies in words or images, a data analysis platform like Necto Telecom that makes it easy to see the data with user-friendly visuals helps them discover what the companys new brand image should be.

Data Can Predict Success or Failure for the New Image

With Necto Telecoms capabilities, a marketer can sift through the data target customer base, program preferences, demographics, and more to come up with a colour palette, fonts, and image that represents where the telecom company wants to go. Forecasting trends, too, can help a marketer choose what words and images to use to convey the companys new direction. Testing various branding strategies helps to narrow down the field to select the brand image that will catapult the company to greater success.

Timing the Key to Launching a Rebrand

With a powerful data analysis tool, marketers can discover the best time to launch the rebrand. Furthermore, they can use the data to create and publish content promoting the rebranded image on the companys website social media, promotional emails, the company blog, and in traditional advertising. Even down to the very time of day to post content promoting the rebrand, a data analytics platform like Necto Telecom can give marketers keen insights into timing.

Analyze Customer Expectations Before the Rebrand

Using Necto Telecom, marketers can test their customers expectations about the company and its services to come up with a new brand message that matches what its customers want. With careful testing, telecom marketers can conduct surveys, ask questions, and analyze behavior to see what customers think about the company and what theyd like to see in the future. After collecting this data, the marketing team can conduct an analysis on it to discover the road to the telecoms new brand image.

Combine Survey Data with Past Behavior

A powerful business intelligence tool like Necto Telecom can compare the results of the customer surveys with the customers past behavior. Marketers can then analyze trends to see if new ways of thinking may change customers attitudes. As attitudes change, customers will want the brand to change in a way aligned with their thought.

Develop a Brand Identity That Will Take the Company into the Future

These new ways of thinking can suggest ways marketers can adjust the rebrand to an outlook that accounts for where customers thought processes will be in the near future. Such an analysis will give marketers an idea as to how to craft the new brand identity to align with the customers expectations for the companys future.

As technology changes, too, a brand must evolve its image to conform to those changes. A business intelligence solution that yields actionable data analytics can help to predict those technological changes that impact the companys choice of image.

Choose a Telecom Data Analytics Solution That Spurs Marketing Innovation

Without a powerful, comprehensive telecom data analytics solution, rebranding will always involve more guesswork than concrete data. For your next rebrand, contact the team of data experts at Necto Telecom today.