In B2B, It All Comes Down to Data

Businesswoman looking at data in front of electronic display

Today, terms like 5GAI, and IoT float around as potent elixirs to fuel business growth and technological advancement. But when we drill down to these individual elements, what do we find? Data. 5G promises to bring high-powered network connections to us at unprecedented speeds. AI gives computers the ability to learn, understand, and scale processing. IoT highlights the digital footprint of the world around us.

All these buzz terms rely on data—how it’s understood, processed, collected, and more. We continue to collect new data at an exponential rate through connected devices, and this data gets transmitted across platforms at dizzying speeds. This brings up the question how can we ensure that this data is the correct input to create our desired outputs?

The core of this struggle relates to how we turn data into actionable information. Thanks to the incredible strides in technology in recent years, the barrier to entry is low for collecting this data.

Analytics allows us to take this growing mountain of data and learn from it. Platforms for understanding data and providing insights, like Panorama Necto, show a growing recognition within B2B markets that value services. Especially those that combine technologies for a holistic experience.

Panorama Necto takes elements like predictive analytics capabilitiesIoT data, and telecom business processes to create an experience for B2B, uncovers hidden insights, and protects this information on a secure platform. Now you can boost revenues, increase customer lifetime value (LTV) and predict churn. our predictive analytics will help you pinpoint the next best offer, discover new revenue streams and capitalize on infrastructure. We provide tailored consumer apps, and create unique customer experiences.

The technology surrounding how we collect and understand the data around us continues to improve with each passing day, and an effective analytics system allows for actionable insights. Bottom line, new technologies like 5G, AI and IoT are the enablers of the future Smart World, but their power lives in the insights we get from the data.

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