The Application of Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry

The application of data analytics in the telecom industry must meet the specific needs of a telecom company. A one size fits all approach to data analytics cannot work when an industry is so specialized. A data analytics system for a telecom company must be capable of being personalized for each users unique tasks.

Telecom Data Analytics Applications Require Ease of Use

The telecom industry moves at the speed of innovation. A cumbersome system will not allow users to manipulate data, analyses it, and send it to those who can act on it. Therefore, an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution is essential for the application of data analytics in the telecom industry.

To Upsell, Telecom Companies Need Customer Analysis

Because telecom businesses need to upsell and cross-sell services to their customers, their data analytics solution must be able to show insights on which customers will be likely to buy which additional services. Necto Telecom, the leading data analytics for telecommunications and media service providers, can accomplish these tasks handily.

Telecoms Need Centralized Analytics

With a centralized solution, all the companys departments will have access to all of the data, based on permissions previously set by IT thus making this a governed and secure solution. Key performance indicators (KPIs) will show up across the board so the entire team can contribute to the solution of challenges that arise. Necto Telecom centralizes all the data analysis so that companies can collaborate to solve problems faster.

Consolidating All of Telecoms Data Allows Faster Decisions

To leapfrog over past performance and its competitors, a telecom service provider needs to analyze all the steps in the sales and billing process. When call centers, case management, ordering and billing are all in the same system, managers can make faster decisions on customer complaints, tweaks to the process, and other situations that arise.

Marketing and Lead Management Need Insights to Succeed

A data analytics platform that allows a companys marketing team and its sales team to track insights into conversions and leads can give both teams the recipe for success. With the collaboration that Necto Telecom allows, the telecom service providers marketing team will know which strategies converted lookers into qualified leads, and the sales team will be able to know which leads resulted in sales.

Easy-to-Understand Visuals Make It Easy to Manage the Company Finances

Pie charts, graphs of cash on hand, expenses revenue gained, and the success of collection practice show in an easily digestible form with Necto Telecom data analytics. A telecom business who can shave its expenses, increase its success with collections, and boost revenue in less time, thanks to world-class infographics is the one who will consistently outshine its competitors in the long run.

For a better application of actionable data in your telecom business, discover the advantages of Necto Telecoms leading data analytics solution for the telecom industry today.