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CEO's Successes and Failures
in Life, AI and Data

Join Eynav (Navi) Azarya's
session during TM Forum in Nice

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"CEO's Successes & Failures in Life, AI & Data"
Wednesday, May 15th
10:45 - 11:15 | Campfire Level 3

Join Panorama CEO and Data Analytics thought leader, Eynav (Navi) Azarya, in an intimate conversation to listen (and share) about successes and failures in business & life where data played a key role - all while discovering the myths and truths about AI and data analytics.

During the campfire, Eynav (Navi) will share advanced AI & Analytics use cases which are transforming Telecom's operations, and will host top leaders to share their top successes and failures.

This campfire is not to be missed by anyone who is starting or in the midst of his digital transformation journey!